The Living Wall creates exclusive collections of custom made wall decals which help our customers to personalise their space following the latest trends in home décor.

Creative director, Ignacio, is a Visual Designer with over 20 years of experience working in the fields of illustration, graphic design and fashion in Milan, Italy. He personally designs each of The Living Wall’s products, and his professional background is a fundamental ingredient in creating our collections.

Ignacio closely follows what is happening in the worlds of art, fashion and interior design to decide which direction to take. The result is a broad range of wall stickers with different themes and colour palettes reflecting the latest trends.

Today it is possible to decorate your home in an intuitive way thanks to removable vinyl. It is the perfect way to transform a plain room into a magical nursery and a great way for students and renters to personalise their space, leaving the walls in perfect condition when they move. The adhesive vinyl used is both easy to apply and remove.

At The Living Wall you will find something for every room in your home; the latest decorator patterns, modern geometric animals and abstract forms, personalised names for children’s rooms and sweet murals for nurseries, inspiring quotes, skateboard and sport decals for the teenagers in the family and much more.

Bring the walls of your home to life with The Living Wall!

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